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F.A.Q. - Pinnacle J Music


How do I purchase a beat?

1. Select the music you want to purchase. 2. Select the license type you need for the music. 3. Choose the currency type from the drop down menu. 4. Click “Checkout” button. 5. Select the payment method PayPal. 6. Follow the steps on PayPal to complete payment.

What payment method can I use?

You can use PayPal to make your purchase.

How long will it take to receive the beat I purchased?

You will receive an email with an instant download link. The music will be available to download for 48 hours.

What is the music file type?

Depending on the license type you choose, you will either receive an mp3, mp3 and Wav or mp3, Wav and individual stems files.

What must I do if I'm about to exceed the amount copies the contract permits me to sell?

You will be required to purchase another lease contract or exclusive contract if you want to continue selling more copies.